Afnan Abraaj 20ml Concentrated Oil Perfume


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Afnan perfumes attar & incense is oriental Exotic concentrated perfume oil. All notes in the fragrance flow in perfect harmony and create a feeling of contentment.

This exotic oriental Perfume captures the romance and the magic of Arabian deserts .Its floral beginning is based oil agarwood. Arabian perfumes are exotic and oriental. This exotic oriental perfume captures the romance and the magic of the Arabian sands .The splendour and the floral beginning from exclusive notes based on rose is meant to captivate and energize the wearer. The dry-down mingles the earthiness of musk and amber.

Top Note: Grapefruit, Mint, Mandarin
Middle Note: Rose, Cinnamon, Spices
Base Note: Leather, Sandalwood, Cedar wood, Amber, Patchouli.


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