Boadicea The Victorious Salacious EDP 100ml Perfume


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It feels fabulous to be so utterly lascivious and licentious, so downright wanton. Arousing from beginning to end, earthy, animalistic Salacious invokes unsolicited desire.

The wanton, almost Parisian bearing of Salacious springs in no small degree from the inclusion not only of armoise, cypress and ginger but also of absynthe, the intoxicating anise botanical drawn from the flowers and leaves of the grand wormwood. Arousing from beginning to end it invokes unsolicited desire, the earthy base of leather and castoreum bringing an animalistic quality to the compelling final fragrance. Throw caution to the wind and damn the consequences – it feels fabulous to be so lascivious and licentious, or to put it simply…Salacious.” – a note from the brand. Salacious was launched in 2019.


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