Houbigant Fougere Royal EDP 100ml Perfume For Men


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Fougère Royale completely revolutionized the world of perfumes and established modern perfumery as we know it today. Fougère Royale was the first “fougère” (or fern-like) perfume ever created, and it established a completely new fragrance family, which remains the most popular one in men’s fragrances.

Fougère Royale opens with an uplifting cocktail of sparkling citrus oils, blending into an aromatic bouquet of Mediterranean herbs, where lavender and Moroccan chamomile oil dictate a buoyant tempo. A redolent heart follows, wherein a floral-spicy “Rondeletia” accord is revealed through rich geranium nuances and warm spices. A floral intermezzo showcases rare rose essences and absolutes, spiked with pepper, cinnamon and carnation. Finally, a grand finale of earthy, ambery and woody harmonies, with moss notes joining a sensual patchouli theme enriched by warm coumarinic undertones of tonka beans and clary sage absolute, conclude the aromatic symphony.


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