Montale Jasmin Full 100ml EDP For Unisex


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Montale Jasmin Full is the most sensual of white flowers, Jasmin Full is a romantic image of vividly white petals shining through the darkness of a tropical night. The accord of jasmine and orange blossom is voluptuous, full-bodied; it has a rich, slightly candied quality that makes the scent evocative of the luxurious and romantic past epochs, exotic faraway lands and the long-lost perfumes with enthralling sillage. As the scent’s development progresses, the honeyed intensity of the floral notes subsides, and Jasmin Full acquires a pleasantly and unexpectedly fresh aspect. The fragrance becomes airy and at the same time a little earthy and green… the drydown makes us think of the dawn that follows the hot, sultry night, of the flowers and leaves glistening with dew and of a gentle breeze coming from the sea. We adore the contrast between the initial almost erotic headiness of the flowers and the fresher, drier base notes. Jasmin Full pays homage both to the sensual and the virginal sides of jasmine, and as far as we are concerned, there has never been a truer rendition of these dazzling white flowers.


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